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Customer Testimonials

Hand picked customer testimonials from over 900 customer reviews.
We go above and beyond to bring the best for our customers.

Hi guys,
I really recommend this item!
It has a great quality code and it works amazing. Furthermore, if you have any issues with it you can count on a great plugin-support!
In a scale from 1 to 10 (where 10 is the best note) I would give a 10!


Documentation is superb. I can’t say how often so-called “help” plugins use the name of the feature as the explanation, i.e. “What does the choice of ‘absolute’ here do?” and the Help response is, “It sets it to absolute.” Well, duh. But this plugin author has a video with explanations and examples of what happens if you choose this option, and why it happens.
Plus the number of options and ability to customize are incredible.


This is by far the most feature-rich search plugin for wordpress. You can basically make everything you want, both in design and functionality—an amazing tool for creative people. Plus, the support is just fantastic. I got an answer to every question, help with settings, quick bug fixes, and even new features to my request (within a few days!)—absolutely a pleasure.


First class support from Ernest. I had wrongly configured a setting in the plugin (my fault) but support sorted it within a few hours. Also, I find the plugin returns much more relevant results than the basic WordPress search I had been using. Highly recommend Ajax Search Pro.


Aside from fantastic customer support, which is always within 24 hrs of requesting help, the product is flexible and adaptable along with great product features and customization possibilities. I have no problem recommending this search plugin to those needing strong and functional search capabilities and options required for excellent product performance and website enhancement. Used specifically for searching images I find this plugin exceeds my expectations.


Besides it being a killer plugin thats super easy to setup and get going, the support is TOP NOTCH! I asked a couple of questions and were answered in record time. Highly recommend this plugin!


This is by far the best drop down search on the market. We had a layout issue and the developer quickly assist us in achieving the desired result. Really impress, highly recommend.


Definitely the best search plugin! I have tested many free and paid and this one is actually worth a lot more. Search results are very accurate, is fast (over 10 000 products under 2 seconds), have a lot of customizations allowing almost any settings. Ernests support is super fast and has helped me with every issue. I would rate 10 stars out of 5.


I spent nearly a decade looking for the best WP search plugin. Went through numerous that were buggy or abandoned. Then found Ajax Search Pro! It is a little complicated but that’s because you have so many options for tuning your searches for a better user experience. And the customer support is one of the best! I recommend this plugin over the other search plugins out there.


Ajax Search Pro is an advanced search plugin and filter for WordPress that improves the search functionality of the website. This plugin offers real-time search results, enhancing the search experience for the users by making it visually appealing and intuitive.

Really great plugin with lots of possibilities to customize.
Also really nice and helpful customer support.

Highly Recommend!


Working with this plugin author was really everything I could ask for in an off-site team member: responsive, knows their code well, and ready to improve upon it from the issues raised in our support ticket.


I’ve had ASP for a couple weeks now and am very pleased with it. I moved over from (the considerably more expensive) SearchWP after realizing that I wasn’t sufficiently capable of coding the front-end elements (search form, filters etc…) to actually make use of its impressive backend capabilities.


A really great Plugin with a lot of very usefull features. I had some special requests and the support was really quick and good! We tried to find an individual solution for my problem. He could have told me that it is just not possible, but instead over multiple days we tried to find a way to make it work. Support was really friendly and replied the same or next day!


This search plugin is very solid and developer friendly. I have purchased some other plugins too. But unfortunetely, it doesn’t have much customization availability.


Great tool! Needed the help of support to get some custom code for this to work the way we wanted, but it all works great now! We use this to filter our blog posts and were unable to find another plugin that was able to help us accomplish this, so we are pleased that Ajax could help.


Amazing Search Engine it very helpful for me, Keep Working on It.
I have 1 suggestion for you can you make Search Result page like Google.
when we Search anything and hit Search, it go to next page (Search Result Page) and he look like google search result page.
If you make this it was very helpful for us.


This plugin is great. It has an option for everything and it isn’t buggy or slow. Good documentation. Thank you!!!


Wonderful plugin and really helpful developer! Helped me get started and even did some modifications to get the plugin working with my website. Really appreciate it!


What a marvellous Plugin and Support is outstanding ❤️

Had a couple of consults and bom, in a couple of hours, solved. Would give it 10 stars if i could

Very powerful LIVE search Plugin with so many features.

Highly recommended!


Great functions and an amazing customer service. All problems I had very solved very fast and in a perfect way. I am super satisfied!


This is a fantastic plugin and after several years of usage I have just learnt it is also supported by fantastic customer service & support. Highly recommended!


The plugin is very reasonably priced, has a large customisation and features base, updated frequently and maintained very thoughtfully. The support is by the very same developers of the plugin and is very thorough and knowledgeable. We updated from the free version because of the requirement for an index table (very fast for stores with large products) and cannot be happier with it.


Plugin is a life saver, works awesome and their support is amazing. Had a few issues and they wrote custom code for me immediately for 2 separate requests.


There are so many reasons to give a 5 star rating for this plugin.
I had to develop a quick search and filter for a client. Went through many plugins even ranging from $80 to $20 and nothing came close to this plugin with features and options.
However, this was so easy to create and use and when stuck I was supported in a very good manner.
Money well spent. This is my go to for future search and filter plugin for WordPress.
Once again thank you very much


The support from the creator of this plugin has been very good, he has responded in the shortest time possible and seeks to give you a solution to make your purchase worthwhile.


This met as good as all my requirements. It could preferably be a bit faster, but all in all very good!


I am thrilled – the configuration options leave nothing to be desired, good documentation and excellent support… Thanks for this first-class search tool !!!


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