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Quick faq

Will this work with the any template?

Yes! The search is template independent!

Can I search custom post types?

Yes you can!

Can I create multiple search bars with different configurations?

Yes you can, as many as you like. You can even duplicate, export and import them.

Will it work with 50 000+ posts?

Yes! The number of items does not matter.

Is it compatible with WooCommerce?


Can I search the multisite posts?


Can I search media files and their contents (like PDF or documents)?


Can I also use it as a simple search engine without the live search results list?

Yes! The live search feature is optional.

Will it work with persian, russian, chineese, japaneese etc.. language?

Yes, it’s independent on language.

Will it work on WPML or Polylang multi-lingual plugins?

Yes, they are compatible.

Are there any recurrence fees?

NO! Once you buy the product, it’s yours for life with free updates, documentation and 6 months of support (re-newable, see envato’s item support policy for more information).

Will you help me if I have problems?

Yes, of course. If you haven’t found resolution in the documentation or in the knowledgebase, you can open a support ticket and I will assist you with the problem.

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