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Property Search & Filter

This example features a search and filter on a Property post type. Each property has assigned a Type, Transaction and Location Taxonomy category. Custom fields are used for the Price, Bedroom and Bathroom counts.

Try these: salerentapartmenthouse

Property Type
Filter by Locations
Los Angeles
New York
Filter by Transaction


Search Filters we used

This example is one of the best to display how different filter types can work together with Ajax Search Pro.

Taxonomy Categories Filters

  • Simple Drop-down for Type
  • Checkboxes for the Locations
  • Radio buttons for Transactions

For custom fields filters

  • Range Slider for Bathrooms and Bedrooms
  • Range Number input with automatic formatting for the Price

Search Shortcodes used

In this example, the search and the search results shortcodes are used within a Gutenberg column block. The search shortcode on the left column, the results shortcode on the right.

You can use Ajax Search Pro with any other page builder, like Divi, Elementor, Oxygen, WPBaker, Visual Composer etc..

Gutenberg Blocks Placement of Ajax Search Pro Filter and Results

What about the search results layout?

Loaded up the Classic Blue Horizontal search theme for the nice scrollable horizontal layout, and that’s it.

As for the data in the results description (price, bedroom, bathroom etc..), we taken advantage of the advanced title and content features. That allows to simply add Taxonomy Term and Custom Field values to the results list.

Advanced Title and Content Fields for Ajax Search Pro Filter

Make sure to check out other examples as well. Feel free to contact us, if you need any help!

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