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Ajax Search Pro vs Free version

While Ajax Search Lite includes some of the core features from Ajax Search Pro, both plugins are standalone and work independently.

When to update to Ajax Search Pro?

The Lite version may be sufficient for many cases, there are number of special benefits when updating to the Pro version.

  • Outstanding support – We are very dedicated to answer any of your question and queries, many feature requests from our customers have been implemented to the plugin core
  • More content type search – Searching and returning taxonomy terms, users, media files and file contents and many other content types as results.
  • More sophisticated engine – The index table engine in the Pro version is built to calculate matches based on keyword occurences and other important factors
  • Unlimited search filters – Filtering by any taxonomy, custom field, date, post type, content type and different filter types

Live vs Pro comparison table

FeatureAjax Search LiteAjax Search Pro
Post Type Results
Search Content
Search Excerpt
Search Titles
Search Taxonomy
Exclude by Categories
Category Filters
Google Keyword Suggestions
Search result Images
Keyword Highlighter
Keyword Exceptions
Google Analytics Integration
Archive Page Live Filtering
Vertical Live Results Layout
Horizontal Results Layoutx
Isotopic Results Layoutx
Multiple Search Barsx
Elementor Posts & Products widget live filteringx
Load more results featurex
Categories as Resultsx
Tags as Resultsx
Taxonomy Terms as Resultsx
Users as Resultsx
Media Files as Resultsx
Search in File contentsx
Taxonomy Term Filtersx
Custom Field Filtersx
Radio Button Filtersx
Drop-down Filtersx
Search & Reset Filter Buttonsx
Suggested keyword phrasesx
Autocomplete and suggestions by taxonomy and post titlesx
Vertical Results Groupingx
Results information Headerx
Custom result field Relevance settingsx
Result Prioritizationx
Results Animation Optionsx
Typography customizationx
More icons and color settingsx
Search bar visual customizationx
Search Performance Trackingx
Search Instance Export/Importx

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