Free, Lite Version available

A free 'Lite' version of the plugin is available on plugin repository.  No  time or othe limitations, it only has less features, that's all.

Do I need the Pro version?

Check the list below to see the main differences, or you can simply try the Lite version. If you want to, you can compare the back-end to the Pro version using the Pro Back-end demo page.

The Lite and the Pro version are two separate plugins, thus you can switch from Pro to Lite and vice-versa at any time, without loosing your settings.

Lite version

  • Single search instance
  • Post type search only (posts, pages, products, portfolio, events and any other custom post type..)
  • Vertical layout only
  • Generic and Category filters only
  • 4 themes, some features customizable
  • Category and ID based result exclusions

Pro Version

  • Multiple (unlimited) different search instances
  • Post types, Taxonomy terms, Attachments, Users, BuddyPress Groups and PeepSo content as results
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Isotopic and Polaroid layouts
  • Post type, Generic, Content type, Taxonomy, Custom field and Date filters
  • 100+ Themes, fully customizable
  • Taxonomy, Tag, User, Date, ID and other result exclusion and inclusion methods
  • ..and many other features, check the full features list.