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Ajax Search Pro Features

Get a glimpse of what Ajax Search Pro can do for your WordPress website


Core Features

Wide Content Support

Searching any custom post type, custom fields, taxonomy terms, attachments, users, WooCommerce, ACF, WPML, Events Calendar, PDF, text and Office file contents and many many more..

Multiple search bars

Create as many search instances as you want, with different configurations – or only just one, if that is all you need. Each instance has a unique shortcode and a separate widgets available.

All languages supported

Ajax Search Pro supports every language. Searches with special characters from Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Cyrillic etc.. are all supported.

Lifetime Updates

Pay once get all the future updates!
The plugin is regularly updated, at least 10 times a year. You can check the changelog for more details about each update too.

Super fast

All the search queries are otpimized to the best possible performance.
Everything happens on your local server, no 3rd party service is required.

All Page Builders supported

Elementor, Divi Builder, WPBakery, Oxygen Builder, Gutenberg – just to name a few.
All of them will work seamlessly with Ajax Search Pro.

A perfect 100

Highly optimized CSS and Javascript, to achieve perfect Google Pagespeed Insights scores. Check this demo on the pagespeed insights score for yourself.

Any questions or concerns?

Adjustable beyond limits

Customize the plugin with over 400 options on the back-end.
From a simple blog search to a powerful shop page filter anything is possible. Try the back-end demo to see it for yourself.

Layouts & Themes

– Four built-in live results layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Polaroid and Isotopic
100+ pre-defined themes, including the ones on this demo page
Vectorized, retina ready SVG icons with colorization – you can choose your icon color, or upload your own icon as well
– Extensive theme options page – you can modify the existing themes (colors, fonts, margins, paddings, images, shadows, borders etc..)

Easy to setup

Tutorial videos and a well written documentation will help you with the initial steps. For more advanced uses a Knowledge Base is also available.


Let Ajax Search Pro do the work for You

Smart Autocomplete & Suggestions

Built-in multi source autocomplete and keyword suggestions engine.
Use google, post titles, tags, categories or any other taxonomy terms as sources.

Smart image parser

Highly adjustable image parser ensures to show the best quality thumbnails in the results.
The plugin can scan the content, excerpt or custom fields for images.

Highly Responsive

The plugin container width adopts to it’s parent element. All elements react to mobile device orientation flips.
The behavior on different devices can be adjusted.

Search Filters

Let the users choose, what they are looking for.

The plugin offers are wide variety of optional search filters to narrow the results:
– Categories and Tags
Custom Taxonomy Terms, like product categories and attributes, portfolio categories and many more..
– Custom fields, like Product Price, Product Attributes
ACF Custom fields
– Dates and numeric ranges

Filters available as checkboxes, radio buttons, select and multiselect with search, sliders and range sliders and datepicker filters.

Any questions or concerns?

It is nice to have..

Widgets and Shortcodes

Each search instance created, has a unique main shortcode.

There are also optional shortcodes for the results and the settings box placements
.. and a Shortcode generator – to help you with different layouts

Adjustable Search Logic

Fuzzy or exact matches? You can even have both.

With a primary and secondary keyword logic feature, you can choose what matching is the most convenient for your use case.
There is even a front-end filter for an exact matches toggle, in case you need it.

ajax search pro speed cache

Built-in search Cache

Often repeated search results a are cached, so little to no database usage is required during search queries.
This helps saving resources on the server side for repetitive queries.

There is a disk and database cache method implemented for sites with massive traffic.


Did we mention our support?

Every customer is supported by the plugin developers. Yes, you heard that right.

How is that possible?

From the start, we are very keen on customer support. Our top priority is to make the plugin work for you.
We know that it is very annoying to get through multiple layers of support. With us, you will have your ticket answered by the developer.

Do I have to wait a lot for you to answer?

Absolutely not! During weekdays tickets are usually answered within two hours, you can see it for yourself in our support forums. Even if we get very busy, you will have an answer within 24 hours max.

What does your support include?

We respond to all of our tickets, no matter what. Generally support is for questions or for reporting issues.
We are more than happy to help you with minor customizations as well.

Over 5 000 support queries resolved

After so many tickets, we have extensive experience with plugin support. The plugin is currently rated at 4.83 of 5 stars by over 900 customers. Most of them rated because of our support.

Any questions or concerns?

Analytics & Statistics

Google Analytics integration

Track your user search behavior via google tag manager events or via universal analytics.
Everything from the search form focus, input, search start and ending events can be tracked.

Simple Statistics

The built in statistics interface will track the search queries and the number of their uses.

Live Page Search

In need for a Results, Archive or Elementor live Search & Filter? Ajax Search Pro can do that too.

Results Page Live Loading

Place a search bar to the results page, enable the live loader, and the rest is handled by Ajax Search Pro.

Archive Page Live Search

The live search also works with Taxonomy and Post Type archive pages. Check out the blog and the examples page on this demo. Both use the archive page live search feature.

Elementor Posts and Products widget live search

Do you ever wanted a live search and filter for your Elementor Posts or Products widgets?
Check out the Elementor Posts and the Products filter demo.

Custom Page as results page with Elementor

Ever wanted to use a custom single page to display the search results?
With Elementor Posts widget and Ajax Search Pro it is possible.


Something for the Developers

For developers and more adventurous users, we created a Knowledge Base, where you can find examples of programmatical uses and common practices.

You can also check out the development roadmap github repository, where you can track development, post features and share bugs.

Want to contribute even more? Become a beta tester.

Server Side API

Lots of action and filter hooks available for easy developer data and layout access.

Client Side API

The Javascript API gives control over front-end plugin events and provides Hooks to make direct changes to the plugin behavior.

Rest API

The search rest API endpoints give you access to the search results for your 3rd party tools.

Results and Filters Templating

Template files available for customizing the live search results as well as the search filters output.

Lots of premade examples

The knowledge base is full of premade examples for the most requested modifications.

Any questions or concerns?