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Exact and Fuzzy Matching

Ajax Search Pro offers adjustable primary and secondary keyword matching logic options.

Fuzzy and Exact matching logics are fully adjustable and can even work together.

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Generic filters
Exact matches only

Exact Mathes

Exact matches refer to a whole match as-is in order of the entered keywords.

Exact matching is also optional and can be also adjusted to four different levels:

  • Matching anywhere in the text
  • Matching the start
  • Matching the end
  • Complete match


With the option of using the exact matching as primary and fuzzy logic as secondary, you can adjust the logic to best suit your needs.

Fuzzy Matches

Fuzzy matching refers to a combination of the entered keywords.

By default the plugin uses an “AND” fuzzy partial matching logic to get the best matching results.

This of course can be adjusted to four different levels of strictness:

  • AND (default) with partial matching
  • AND with whole keyword matches
  • OR with partial matching
  • OR with whole keyword matches
Ajax Search Pro Fuzzy Matching and Exact Matching keyword logic

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