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Ajax Search Pro 4.26.3 update

By Ernest Marcinko
February 9, 2024

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress update includes many bugfixes, changes and other features in preparation for 4.27.

Ajax Search Pro 4.26.3 update

As we keep on moving towards 4.27, some bugfixes and improvements had to be done. Work never stops, the plugin is improved with every single day. This is possibly the final minor update for version 4.26.

Something new

As we have partnered with WPML, the compatibility improvements are getting easier to implement. In this version a special query argument has beed added to control possible “missing” translations whenever the site langauge is used. The translations are in fact not missing, it only refers to connection between the site language and the connection between items without a langauge marking.

Post tag filters have been improved and now allow 10 000 items in the filters list instead of the previous 400. This limitation was introduced to avoid unneccessary DOM size when using a lot of tags – but in the recent years browsers and the overall PC improvements no longer mandate this limit.

Also, as requested by one of our customers, the vtt file mime type had been added to the supported media files list, both in the plugin and in the media service feature.

Lot of fixes

Some issues with the custom field search logic were pointed out via support, so adequate fixes were implemented on place and integrated to the plugin later on.

Some have pointed out some deprecation warnings when using PHP 8.3, which we have not noticed yet, those have been patched.

Shortcode blocks

We also implemented a HTML “optimizer” for the plugin shortcode outputs, which should prevent unwanted line breaks when the plugin is used in shortcode blocks.

We still recommend using custom HTML blocks as placeholder for the plugin shortcode insteand of shortcode blocks. As paradox as it may sound, shortcode blocks in WordPress are filtered via an autop feature – which automatically add paragraphs and line breaks instead into shortcode output text. Therefore shortcodes outputting HTML are not the best fit for this block.


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