Attachment and Attachment file content search

Searching an returning Media Attachments is fully supported:

  • Searching Attachment titles, description, captions and terms
  • well as indexing PDF, TXT, CSV, RTF and Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint file contents (more details in the documentation)

Some limitations may apply on file content search, more details here.

Image Search

Generic filters
Exact matches only

Try these: hoodieposterhousebmwmartin

PDF content search

Generic filters
Exact matches only

Try these: thebookcookingprecedence

Most of these document contents are indexed. To test it, try words, that can only be found in the file contents like: oregano, emotionalPaulDizmangBeaker


Only some of the parser scripts require some standard libraries to be installed/enabled
  • For the Smalot PDF parser script - PHP 5.3 is required or later, otherwise the secondary PDF2Txt library is used
  • For Microsoft Office and Open Office documents - ZipArchive and php-xml PHP modules (enabled on most hosts)
Indexing other documents is still possible, without meeting these requirements (RTF, TXT, CSV etc..)