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The Ultimate Search Engine & Filter

Handsome and very powerful, built for WordPress

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Finds anything and more..

Real Time Results

Quick and precise results, in real-time. A unique, custom built search script - for more accurate and faster results.

Powerful backend

Create multiple search instances - With over 400 options, it's possible to adjust the plugin to your exact needs - without coding.


Professional Support

Fast and professional support, provided by the plugin developers. Customer support is our number one priority - we take it very seriously.

Infinitely Customizable

Give your visitors a better search experience. Choose from over 65 pre-defined plugin themes, or make your own, as you like it.

Any questions or concerns?


Unique with limitless features

A simple blog or a huge webshop?

It does not matter - Ajax Search Pro is fit for any use-case. With custom post type, taxonomy, custom field support and many more..

It really finds anything

The powerful index table engine scrapes through your site to index everything you want it to. Posts, pages, products or even your document contents.

Pay once, update forever

Once you bought the product, it is yours forever - including all future updates, no hidden fees.

Everything done locally

No 3rd party subscriptions are required for the plugin to work - no recurring fees either. The plugin runs on your local server.

In case you are in to PDF or Office file indexing, you can opt to the Media Service addon for better results - but it is totally optional, and even has a free version.