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Predictive search autocorrect – Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.26

By Ernest Marcinko
February 19, 2023

Ajax Search Pro 4.26 features new predictive autocorrect search results, google analytics integration via Google Tag Manager (GTM) and number of other cool features.

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress version 4.26

Predictive search suggestions

We all know and love Googles Did you mean..? results suggestion feature. Finally we managed to find a proper way for getting this feature to Ajax Search Pro without taking a massive performance hit on the server side.

Ajax Search Pro Vertical Results Box with predictive search suggestions

This feature is automatically enabled on all new and existing installations. Please check the Results and Keyword suggestions documentation for more details.


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Google Tag Manager Support for Analytics Integration

Many of our customers asked us if there is any way to ingetrate Ajax Search Pro via Google Tag Manager (GTM, gtm.js), and we are happy to say, that it is now possible.

Google Analytics Integration with Google Tag Manager for Ajax Search Pro

We compiled a step-by-step documentation on how to add the variables, triggers and tags to get to send the search events to your google analytics account via Google Tag Manager.

“Show more results..” feature supporting vertical results grouping

Another highly anticipated feature we managed to include in this release. The results grouping feature now works along with the More results live loading feature.

Other Fixes and Changes

Some minor noteworthy changes/fixes for version 4.26 include

  • Improved the overall title suggestions
  • Improved the WooCommerce results page and shop page results performance
  • Fixed a HTML valiadtion issue for the magnifier button
  • Improved the index table title indexing feature

You can read the full changelog here.

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