Elementor Live Filter

Live Filtering Results via the Elementor Posts widget has never been easier.

Not only posts, but any other custom post types supported - pages, portfolio, staff, music etc..  It is also capable of displaying other results types,  like taxonomy terms, users or even attachments.

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Filter by Custom Post Type
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Try these: carsactorfood

Metropolitan areas

Greater São Paulo

The Greater São Paulo (Portuguese: Grande São Paulo) is a

Federal district

Mexico City

Mexico City (/ˈmɛksɨkoʊ ˈsɪti/; Spanish: Ciudad de México American Spanish: [sjuˈðað

Metropolitan areas

Greater Mexico City

Greater Mexico City refers to the conurbation around Mexico City,



Shanghai is the largest Chinese city by population[8][9] and the

Metropolitan areas

Seoul Capital Area

The Seoul Capital Area (SCA) is the metropolitan area of

Easy integration

Just a few very easy steps to connect Ajax Search Pro with Elementor Posts widget - no programming, custom coding required.

Not only posts as results

The plugin is capable of displaying any custom post type or even any content type as result via the widget - pages, products, users, categories, attachments, tags - everything is possible.